Introducing The New Generation of Unbreakable Drinkware

Unbreakable Quality, Unmatched Style

Discover the luxury of unbreakable drinkware. Bold Drinkware combines top-tier materials and innovative design to offer you unmatched quality and elegance. Perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to special celebrations.

Customer reviews


"I tend to break a lot of wine glasses, so I hate to spend too much. Yet, I do enjoy sipping my wine from a nice piece of glassware. These glasses look perfect and don't break too! I definitely recommend them."

Nina L.

Miami, Florida


"I recently purchased the Vanity unbreakable cocktail glass, and I must say it exceeded my expectations! As someone who loves hosting parties and enjoys a good cocktail, I was constantly worried about my fragile glassware. However, Bold Drinkware has put an end to all my worries. Highly recommend."

Alex T.

Austin, Texas


"Great product, great print quality, fast delivery, they even sent two additional glasses for the same price, thank you!"

David R

Chicago, Illinois


"If you are sitting on the fence on whether you should buy them… just do it! You’ll be happy with them. They are beautiful! Not too heavy & not fine/delicate."

John H.

San Francisco, California


"These glasses are absolutely gorgeous, can’t complain there! I did notice some irregularities around the rims. I’ve had these for nearly 2 years and they’ve held up well!"

Rachel B.

Los Angeles, CA


Yes. Bold Drinkware has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed for up to 2,000 cycles in a commercial dishwasher. That means each piece’s unparalleled shine will continue wash after wash and the cost per use will continue to drop with every cycle.

Introducing Crystal Sapphire, it features our proprietary trademarked formula that has been specifically developed to provide unparalleled shine and world renowned clarity from the first use to the twentieth to the two thousandth. Dazzlingly radiant without compromise, Crystal Sapphire is bold, brilliant, and virtually unbreakable.

Bold enough to be used almost anywhere, Bold Drinkware is constructed from the highest quality premium polycarbonate and is built to last. Each piece has been engineered to take drop after drop and spill after spill, without chipping, breaking, or shattering. Paired with the shine and brilliance of Crystal Sapphire, it's the perfect way to add robust luxury to each serve on deck, on the terrace, or anywhere else you're bold enough to use it.

Bold Drinkware has been independently certified by the FDA and SGS (recognized as a global benchmark for quality and integrity in independent testing,) as safe for food contact and far exceeds any testing requirements. 

Yes. Cold drinks stay cold longer, and ice drinks are less diluted as Bold Drinkware's premium polycarbonate naturally insulates 4x better than glass. Combined with it's exceptional durability and stunning designs, Bold Drinkware is the go to drinkware for the person who enjoys a luxurious cocktail that not only looks great but performs great as well.